Taught courses

Are you looking to learn more about pulsed power technology?

We offer flexible pulsed power technology and safety training courses


Our courses are designed to cover the main aspects of pulsed power, and if requested, can also include practical and experiential elements.


Courses can be held at Samtech within the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, or, depending upon requirements, at the customer's location.


The set of modules currently available is listed below. Each module typically lasts for three hours.

  • Pulsed Power Generation Techniques
  • Pulsed Power Components
  • High Speed Gas Switching and Repetitive Switching
  • Diagnostic Techniques
  • High Power Switching
  • Dielectric Materials, Radiation and Electrical Degradation
  • Energy Storage and Media
  • Safety
  • High Voltage Generation Techniques
  • Electromagnetic Modelling
  • Experimental Considerations

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