Aqueous-Electrolyte Resistors

resistors for high voltage pulse power applications Aqueous-electrolyte resistors can be used to dissipate large amounts of electrical energy. They have a very low level of self-inductance and the resistance value can be readily changed by adjusting the electrolyte solution concentration.

This type of resistor is suitable for applications including energy dumps, charging resistors and dummy loads.

Samtech aqueous-electrolyte resistors use copper sulphate as the electrolyte. PB electrodes and a PVC housing ensures the electrolyte solution remains contaminant-free.

A range of resistance values and power ratings are available. Water-cooled versions are available for higher PRF and average power applications.

   Impedance range:    100 Ohm to 1MOhm
   Voltage drop:            Up to 500kV
   Energy absorption:   Up to 70J per cc of solution

The overall flexibility of this type of resistor means that it is very difficult to list typical device specifications. The customer is asked to contact Samtech to discuss particular requirements by filling one of our forms and our engineers will get in contact with you.

Download the complete brochure in pdf here.